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The results of Saint-Saëns International Music Competition - Season 1 have been published

The results of Saint-Saëns International Music Competition have been published.

Candidates from over 22 countries & regions were competing in this season.

Grand Prize Winner: Woodwork Reed Quintet

Woodwork is a woodwind quintet founded in January 2020, consisting of five passionate musicians, all with a love of chamber music. Together, we strive for quality, while regularly daring to think "outside the box". In this way, we give the audience a memorable experience, time and time again. An oboe, a clarinet, a saxophone, a bass clarinet and a bassoon: it is not a combination you come across every day in the chamber music landscape. The saxophone gives the orchestral woodwind ensemble an extra "sparkle". That is precisely what makes the sound of our quintet so unique. With the quintet, we focus mainly on contemporary music, which means that there is always a close collaboration between the composer and the ensemble. This has led to interesting collaborations and, in the meantime, already 5 new original works have been written for Woodwork. In January 2022, Woodwork was a finalist in the prestigious Supernova competition, the largest chamber music competition in Belgium. In addition to concerts in various Belgian concert halls, we also bring music to people who have difficulty accessing classical concerts. For example, in May 2023, we had a tour of 8 Brussels nursing homes in collaboration with Klarafestival.

Hobo - Anne-leen Gevaert; Klarinet - Kevin Casteleyn; Saxofoon - Don-paul Kahl; Basklarinet - Aaron Van De Winckel; Fagot - Valerie Trangez.

First Prize Winners in this competition:


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