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[True Art Music] Winners Recording - Sardor Djumaev & Diana Galimova

Sardor Djumaev & Diana Galimova have been awarded TrueArtMusic publishing from winning the 1st UK International Music Competition -

Link to the recording: True Art Music Soundcloud

Sardor Djumaev & Diana Galimova violin duo was formed in 2015 in Uzbekistan. The violin duo has performed numerous solo recitals and concerts with "Turkiston" and "Soloists of Uzbekistan" chamber orchestras as well as being part of the State Philharmonic Quartet of Uzbekistan which won the First Prize at the Shabyt-inspiration International Competition, Kazakhstan in 2018. In 2021, Sardor & Diana were awarded a full academic scolarship at the College of Music at the University of North Texas and became part of the Bancroft Quartet with whom they won such international competitions as "King's Peak International Music Competition" and "Charleston International Music Competition" with the First Prize, as well as "France Music Competition" and "London Music Competition" with Third Prizes. In 2022, Sardor Djumaev & Diana Galimova violin duo won the Grand Prix at the UK International Music Competition. Currently Sardor Djumaev & Diana Galimova are pursuing their doctoral and master degrees under guidance of Professor Julia Bushkova at the College of Music at the University of North Texas.


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