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[TrueArtMusic Artist] Martins Heislers

Martins Heislers - 2022 Universal Stars Music Competition Artist Award Winner

Link to the Audio:

True Art Music Soundcloud

Martins learns percussion at the National Arts High School, the 7th grade of the Emīla Dārziņa Music School with teacher and percussionist Dzintra Knābe.

Since 2020, has been a musician of the percussion ensemble of the Emīla Dārziņa music school.


2019: 1st place in the National competition for students of the Percussion Instrument education program of Latvia;

2021: 2nd place in the "Wind Stars 2021" international contest;

2022: 1st place in the World Art Games international contest.

2022: Silver prize in the Amadeus international Music Awards contest

2022: 1st place and Artist award in the Birmingham International Music Competition

Martin has been involved in various projects:

Experience exchange concerts in Musical education institutions (2017-2022);

Festival of the Association of Latvian Orchestras (2022);

Concert cycle UZTAKTS for Latvian Youth Talents (2022);

The Talents of Ines Galante (2022)

Bronius Jonušas XIII International Music Conference (2023)

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