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Winners Gallery - Marc Harris

We are thrilled to have received picture of the trophy and certificate from our Grand Prize winner Marc Harris. Congratulations to him for his outstanding accomplishment.

The Grand Prize Winner of the 2023 Season 2 , Let's join in his happiness and embark on a journey to discover Marc Harris's story together.

About Marc Harris:

Marc's fascination and engagement with music stems back to the concerts he was taken to as a small child. He was keen to play the piano from a very young age, and continued to play in bars and restaurants through university and beyond. He brings a lifetime of ranging musical interests to his own compositions, and these references ripple throughout all his works.Time to compose was an unexpected gift from the dark heart of lockdown; having dedicated his working life to running a successful safari business, he had had little time for much else, but continued playing keyboards for a number of different bands around town. When COVID struck Marc suddenly found time to write the music he had been dreaming of for decades. With the office to himself & with nothing but a couple of keyboards and no one but speakers for company, the music began to flow...Symphony No.1 ‘Shifting Sands” was released in 2021. Symphony No.2 ‘Auroa Nova’ premiered in 2023 and will be available to stream shortly.

The Vivaldi International Music Competition extends its invitation to individuals of different ages and diverse backgrounds to participate in their exhilarating contest.

Competition Source:

Vivaldi International Music Competition


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