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WOMCO's online competition aims to provide participants with a unique experience tailored to the digital age, offering convenience and innovation while eliminating the constraints of travel and time. Our goal is to create an inclusive, uplifting environment that gives participants unforgettable experiences. Our team of professionals, analysts, product producers, judges, designers, and editors are the backbone of our events, ensuring that they are managed professionally and organized with the utmost attention to detail.

The roster of adjudicators for WOMCO consists of international concert performers, musicians, academics, and educators. This provided list represents those who have had past engagements or are intermittently sought to preside as judges. In each competition, the organizing committee shall, in accordance with the scheduled agenda, extend invitations to one or more judges from the judges list below to participate in the scoring process. The performance or work of each entrant shall be transmitted for evaluation by one or more adjudicators, the adjudicator or set of adjudicators assigned to evaluate different contestants may vary. You can read our competition mechanism and process details here << At times, competitions might also extend an invitation to a guest adjudicator not previously listed, and the list of judges is subject to change based on the actual needs of the competition. London Young Musician competition has its own jury panel.

WOMCO Judges List

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