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🌟 Heartfelt Congratulations to Mirei on Her Impressive Achievement! 🌟

📷 Mirei has just shared an amazing photo with us! She is pictured with the shield awarded by Icon Story, celebrating her ranking as No.1 in the multi award achievement. This ranking is part of a system introduced by WOMCO, designed to record and honor the achievements and accolades of competitors. Mirei has won a staggering 55 awards in the 2022-23 period, making her the unique star.

🏆 This achievement is not just a personal milestone but also a beacon of inspiration and motivation for dedication and passion. The new season of WOMCO's multi-award achievement record has already begun and will continue until the end of October next year. This prestigious recognition is reserved for those exceptional talents who have won awards in various WOMCO-affiliated competitions. It's a testament to their consistent excellence and versatility in their respective fields.

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