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[True Art Music] Winners Recording - Maria Elli Petridou

Maria Elli Petridou has won the 4th Universal Stars Music Competition Grand Prize -

Link to her performance audio: True Art Music Soundcloud

Cellist Maria Elli Petridou was born in Thessaloniki-Greece, in 2005. She took his first cello lessons at the age of four. At the age of just 16, she graduated as an outstanding talent from the State Conservatory of Thessaloniki, receiving a Diploma with a grade of ΄΄Excellent΄΄ with honors, class of Mr. Polyzoidis Dimitris, June 2022. She has won numerous awards: SPECIAL AWARD FOR UP-COMING ARTIST at the ΄΄6th Panhellenic Musician Competition Maria Hairogiorgou-Sigara 2016΄΄, ARTIST AWARD WINNER and GRAND MEDALIST at the΄΄Universal Stars Music Competition, 2022΄΄ with reference, publication and presentation, on the Official Site, on Social Media and on the Premium Online Channel-Sound Cloud, of the video/audio of the competition on the ΄΄True Art Music΄΄ page. GRAND PRIZE VIRTUOSO at the ΄΄International Music Competition Vienna Grand Prize Virtuoso 2017΄΄, GRAND PRIZE WINNER at the ΄΄Universal Stars Music Competition 2022΄΄. 1st PRIZE WINNER: ΄΄35th Annual Panhellenic Music Competition Talents – FILONAS AWARDS (2011 & 2013)΄΄ , ΄΄Panhellenic Music Competition Maria Hairogiorgou-Sigara (2012, 2014 & 2016)΄’ , ΄΄KYKLOS Awards Concert Hall Thessaloniki 2015΄΄ ,"The New Talents of Classical Music Competition, (January 2019 & November 2019)" , ΄΄3rd Panhellenic Music Competition 2021- Tasos Pappas΄΄,΄΄Panhellenic Competition 2022΄΄,΄΄Annual Concert Competition of State Conservatory of Thessaloniki (2016, 2020 & 2022)΄΄,2nd PRIZE WINNER: at the ΄΄North International Music Competition 2021΄΄,΄΄Gina Bachauer – Junior Region Competition 2016΄΄.

She has participated as a soloist in the famous Concert Halls such as Glaserner Saal- Musikverein in Vienna , State Conservatory of Thessaloniki, Music Megaron of Thessaloniki, Municipality ΄΄Theatre Ilion΄΄ of Athens, Vafopoulio Spiritual Center, I. Vellidis Conference Center, Hydra Historical Museum , Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, Historical Monuments in Lesvos and in Aegina, Aristotle University Ceremony Hall of Thessaloniki. Partnership as a soloist with the ΄΄Symphony Orchestra of the Municipality of Thessaloniki΄΄, ΄΄Camerata Junior - Youth Orchestra of the Friends of Music΄΄, ΄΄Symphony Orchestra of the State Conservatory of Thessaloniki΄΄ , ΄΄Symphony Orchestra of the Hellenic College of Thessaloniki΄΄. She took part in the ΄΄International Music Festival Vlasti GR, 2014 ΄΄, with Mrs. Vladislava, in the ΄΄Master Chamber Music Class with the Quatuor Molinari ΄΄ as an active mumber, from Montreal and she received excellent criticism for her acting talent and technique training and invitation to study in Music at McGill University of Montreal. Also, she participated in the 7-day training programme΄΄Art Campus 2022 for ensembles of Chamber Music''. She has collaborated with the conductors: Safira Antzus Ramos, Aristea Tsichli and Vladimiros Symeonidis. Today she is a scholarship student of the High School of Hellenic College.


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