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[True Art Music] Winners Recording - Shavonne Looi

Shavonne is the London Young Musician 2021-22 World Top 50 Musicians - No.1 Winner.

Link to her recording: True Art Music Soundcloud

Shavonne Looi's Biography

Born in Singapore in 2012, Shavonne is a cheerful girl who loves to make friends and connect with people. Her favourite animals are the puppy, the bunny and the kitten. She enjoys sports such as inline skating, badminton and tennis. Her hobbies include reading, colouring, folding origami and music making. Shavonne started learning the piano at 4½ years old and is currently under the tutelage of Dr. John Sharpley. Her past teachers included Ms. Natalia Kumkova and Dr. Iryna Vokhmyanina. She has also taken masterclasses with Dr. Krystian Tkaczewski and Ms. Kseniia Vokhmianina. Shavonne has given many piano performances and won awards at multiple International Piano Competitions. In 2021, she won 1st prize at both the International Youth Music Competition (USA) and the Khemsiri International Piano Competition (China). She also obtained Gold prizes at the London Young Musician Competition (UK) and was given the ‘All Round Musician Award’ as well as the ‘Versatile Musician Award’. In 2022, Shavonne won 1st prize at the World Grand Prix International Music Competition (UK) and was given a Special Award for Best Performance of Georg Philipp Telemann works. She also obtained Gold prizes at the London Young Musician Competition (UK), was given the ‘Pianist of the Year’ Award and was placed No. 1 in the London Young Musician Annual World Ranking of Top 50 Musicians. You can hear more of Shavonne’s music on her YouTube Channel -


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