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[True Art Music] Winners Recording - Victoria Tan

Victoria Tan has been awarded TrueArtMusic publishing after winning the 2021-22 Global Genius Music Competition - Spring Season Top 1.

Link to her recording: True Art Music Soundcloud

Victoria Tan, from the United States, plays the violin and piano, has performed at numerous prestigious music halls—including Carnegie Hall—and was awarded many top prizes in music competitions. She has recently received the First Prize and Special Jury Award in Youth Inspiring Change International Music Competition; First Prize with Ellen Park NJ Assemblywoman Award in New York International Music Concours; Season Top 1 Winner in Global Genius Music Competition with Special Prize for Excellent Musicality; First Prizes in World Grand Prix International Music Competition for the Young Artist, Romantic, Baroque, and Etude categories with Best Performance in Niccolò Paganini’s work and Felix Mendelssohn’s work; and Gold Prizes in London Young Musician Competition’s Young Artist, Romantic and Baroque Period Performance and Etude Categories with Versatile Musician Award and Fantastic Technique Special Prize, placing first in the Top 5 Points Award in London Young Musician Competition.

She appeared as a soloist with the Washington Heights Chamber Orchestra in New York, the NV Chamber Orchestra in New Jersey, and the Metropolitan String Orchestra in Connecticut. Besides her interest in music, Victoria loves reading and writing, and has won several contests for her poetry.


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