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Link to the Audio: True Art Music Soundcloud

The Violinist Monika Urbanová and harpist Hedvika Mousa Bacha founded the Duo

Beautiful Strings during their studies at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague in 2010.

They had already won prizes at various international competitions and had experience of solo appearances. Since then they have been appearing together on concert podiums in the Czech Republic as well as abroad. The Duo Beautiful Strings took part in a performance of the Theater Mlejn “Easy Living” (2011-2013) - an unusual combination of classical concert with vertical acrobatic.

The Duo Beautiful Strings works with soprano singer Karolina Janů and other interprets.

The two players make their own arrangements of classical violin works. In 2013 they recorded their first CD “Beau Soir” with works of the French composers C. Debussy, M. Ravel and others. During the coronavirus period (spring 2020) they recorded two music clips, “Fairy Tale” and “Beautiful Strings”. In 2020 their second CD with music by J. Williams, A. Part, O. Urban etc. was published by Arco Diva.

Duo was performing at varius music festival as Days of contemporary music, Zizkov Autumn, Cultural Summer, Lissa Classica... Duo Beautiful Strings plays in their special project for children and founded their own Festival Prague premiere of Duo Beautiful Strings. A lot of contemporary composers dedicated their music works (Zizkov suite by O. Urban, Prague dances by L. Sommer, Prague Nostalgy by D. Lukas, Prague Monsters by J, Gemrot) to Duo Beautiful Strings. Duo made first performances of them.

Their wide and varied repertoire, ranging from baroque music to the present, and their virtuosity and precision in performance, reap great acclaim from critics, as well as the general public.


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