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[TrueArtMusic Artist] Klara Kliszczak

Klara Kliszczak - London Young Musician of the Year 22-23 Grand First Prize Winner - Talent Category

Artist Profile on True Art Music

Link to the Audio:

We are thrilled to present Klara Kliszczak to you, the talented individual who recently emerged as the winner of the Talent Category in the London Young Musician of the Year 2022-23 competition. Being recognized with this esteemed honor has granted her the chance to release an electronic single on True Art Music. To listen to her remarkable performance, simply click on the provided link above.


Young pianist Klara Kliszczak was born on July 2012 in Poznań, Poland. She studies piano in Mrs. Agnieszka Liman's class at the 1st Degree Self-government Music School in Tarnowo Podgórne. Klara garnered numerous prizes in national and international prestigiuos piano competitions including:First Prize at the 12th Inter-School National Piano Competition 2021 in Kościan in Poland,Third Prize at the 1st National Piano Cmpetition "Music Images" 2021 in Radom in.Poland,Second Prize at the Vienna Virtuoso Music Competition 2021,Third Prize at The 4th International Moscow Music Competition in 2021,Gold Award in the Young Artist up to 10 years category, Gold Award in the Etude Performance Category, Silver Award in the Baroque Period Music Performance category and the Special Versatile Musician Award in London Young Music Competition in 2022,Pianist of the Year title in the Young Artist up to 10 years category, WORLD TOP 50 Musicians Awardi n the final of the London Young Musician Of The Year 2022,First Prize at the Recondite Armonie III International Piano Competition 2022 in Italy,First Prize at the Gustav Mahler Prize Piano Competition 2022 in Prague,Second Prize at the Beethoven Young Musician Competition BYMC 2022,First Prize and „Promise Talent” Special Award and Scholarship at the 9th International Piano Competition „Citta di San Dona di Piave” 2022 in Italy,First Prize at the Golden Classical Music Award International Competition and performaning Chopin in Gala Concert at Carnegie Hall in New York, USA in December 2022 Silver Prize at the SRIMF 8th Singapur Raffles International Music Competition 2022Second Prize at the Beethoven Young Musician Competition BYMC 2022 in Wien,Third Prize at the Tokyo International Youth Music Competition 2022 in Japan,First Prize at the BTHVN Wien International Competition 2022,Bronze Prize at the AMADEUS International Music Award in Salzburg,First Degree Award of the City of Poznań in Poland in artistic category in 2022,Scholarschip of Tarnowo Podgórne in Poland in 2023,Gold Prize in Young Artist category, Gold Prize in Etiude category, Gold Prize in Romantique Period category and four Special Awards : Versatile Musician Award, Fantastic Technic Award, Expresive Performance Award, Season Musician Award at the season 3 London Young Musician Competition 2022-2023,Grand First Prize at the London Young Musician of the Year 2023 Klara is passionate about sports (especially snowboarding and windsurfing), painting and is very eager to participate in theater classes. However, the possibility of painting pictures with sound on her beloved instrument - the piano gives her the most pleasure and the real satisfaction.

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