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[TrueArtMusic Artist] Krish Relan

Krish Relan - London Young Musician 2022-23 World Top 50 Musicians - Ranking No.2 and Clarinetist of the Year Award Winner Artist Profile on True Art Music

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Krish Relan is a musician who has lived extensively in the musical world for the better part of one and a half decades. Born to an Indian family in the United States, he has been playing the piano since he was 5 years old immediately falling in love with the performing arts, particularly looking up to the work of Chopin. He would further cultivate this at age 8 when he started playing the clarinet. As of date, Krish has won numerous accolades, including a superior with distinction in the Solo and Ensemble competition in the state of Florida for the last two years, winning first place in the state in the Senior Concierto division at the Florida Federation of Music Clubs, and winning fifteenth in the London Young Musician Competition in the 2021-2022 season and second place in the 2022-2023 season, being awarded the "Clarinetist of the Year" award. Along with this, he has participated in ensembles, like Jacksonville Symphony Youth Orchestra, in which he spent three years in the repertory orchestra and two in the philharmonic. Overall, his love and adoration of music is the very foundation upon which all of his musical work is built.Today, his work is mainly set on mastering his favorite solo piece on the Clarinet: Rossini: Intro, Theme, and Variations.


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