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Winner list of the Best Classical Musicians Awards - 2023, Season 3

*WOMCO Multi-Award Winners:

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The winner list of the Best Classical Musicians Awards for the third season of 2023 has been announced. We are thrilled for each of the winners for their outstanding contributions, passion, and talent for classical music!

This competition gathered elite players from 33 countries worldwide, and the intense competition fully reflected their skills and talents. After a rigorous selection and competition, the award winners for this season have finally been announced.

With her unique musical understanding, proficient technique, and the conveyance of emotion, the Grand Prize was ultimately awarded to Alenka Eržen, flutist from Slovenia.

You can look up all the winning musicians on the official website of the Best Classical Musicians Awards. Their achievements not only demonstrate their individual skills and talents, but also elevate the status and influence of classical music globally.

Let's together congratulate these winners and look forward to them creating more refreshing works in their future musical careers. Lastly, let's anticipate the next season of the Best Classical Musicians Awards!

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